Flash Conquerors - online real time strategy game

Flash Conquerors

Build gun towers and train units to survive onslaught of enemies.
Be sure to check Online Guide before you start playing.

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The aim of Flash Conquerors is to protect your castle. Do this by firing your main weapon which is placed at the top of your base. You can also build attacking towers and train units to attack the approaching enemies before they damage your castle. The game begins in the Medival Age where you can train only week units and build basic towers. After 10 waves of enemy attacks you will gain enough EXP points to advance to the Modern Age, where you will be able to train more powerful units and construct better towers with bigger fire power and range. Finally, if you survive another 10 waves you can reach the Future Age, where you will be able to train advanced war units and build advanced laser and plasma towers. Training units and constructing towers cost you money. You earn money by killing and destroying enemy units (the amount of money you earn differs by difficulty settings you choose at the beginning of the game)

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